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As the USA Wheelchair Rugby (USAWR) National Team Head Coach, with over 13 years

as a National Team athlete, 8 years as a captain, and  22 combined international medals, Joe's success on the court speaks volumes.  He translates that success off the court

as he delivers a keynote that is authentic, raw and moving. Joe is a dedicated coach that creates a culture of servant leadership built on a foundation of love, as evident by continuing to have USAWR rank as one of the top 3 teams in the world. Joe is a true champion knocking out heart gripping stories with a splash of humor to captive the audience and retain their attention. He challenges everyone to find opportunity in the obstacle. Circumstances do not define us, as long as we choose to be a victor and assess our S.E.L.F.   With a background in professional counseling, Joe unleashes that victor mindset to give his audience that call to action they need for success.

USA Head Coach

Joe develops, mentors, and monitors player performance. He executes an autonomous team dynamic to create a culture that collaborates, communicates, and supports one another.

Heart-gripping Storyteller

Joe grabs his audiences attention with his authenticity, vulnerability and humor. He takes the audience from the edge of their seats to smiling ear to ear. He takes us on a journey in a way that we can all apply to our own personal lives.

Professional Counseling

With a background in Professional Counseling, Joe is able to connect the audience's mindset to their heart that allows us the choice to be a CHAMPION in how we respond to circumstances.

Thought Leader

Joe is an expert on the foundational components of leadership that help transform organizations and elevate their performance.

8x Team Captain

Joe is a model to how teammates can excel in the most pressurized situations. He is an example of how to lead with or without a label to play at your highest potential.

2x Paralympic Medalist

Joe is a world-class athlete that has global recognition for his pursuits with USA Wheelchair Rugby National Team. He competed in the Paralympic Games in both London and Tokyo, and brought home two Parlalympic Medals.

Are you ready to book Joe?

Joe in his rugby wheelchair with outstretched arms holding a rugby ball in his left hand.
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