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"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whether he is speaking at an elementary, middle, or high school, a college or university, Joe is able to relate to the audience in an authentic way.  He tells his story of using his wheelchair as an opportunity in life and not to use the wheelchair for a victim mentality. Joe challenges students of all ages to take advantage of the opportunities they have, and to realize that their current circumstances do not have to define who they are or who they want to become.  Every one of us will face trials, obstacles, or downfalls, but we all get a choice to turn something that seems so hard into something that is beautiful.


Leadership is an important quality to possess no matter what role an individual fills within a business. As a captain of the National Team for six out of eleven years he’s been on it, Joe has been able to learn, develop, and enhance his strategies for optimizing the best qualities on not only his teammates, but that inner drive for success. His insights are an invaluable asset to any business or corporation looking to be motivated to be better leaders and employees no matter the title they may or may not have. These lessons can be shared at workspaces, conferences, meetings, and other events regardless of size.


Joe grew up in a Christian home on a great walk with God. His college years lead him down a path away from Christ until a life altering accident changed all that. On July 10, 2004, Joe went from daily workouts as a college football player to a quadriplegic using a wheelchair. This journey from a college athlete to a quadriplegic, to an elite wheelchair rugby player could not have been done on Joe’s own physical strength.  When speaking to youth groups, congregations, conferences, Christian schools or universities, Joe tells his testimony of losing his identity after his accident, wrestling with anger, and understanding that his identity lies in Christ first and foremost! Do not miss the opportunity to hear his testimony and living out God’s purpose for his life.



"Joe’s message to our staff was phenomenal. He spoke from the heart, was honest and vulnerable, and did it all with humor and grace. Joe is a relatable guy, someone you feel comfortable with within minutes of meeting him, and our employees felt that the second he got on stage. He had us laughing and crying the entire way through! Weeks later, our staff still haven’t stopped talking about his visit. Many have said that his inspirational message is something they’ll never forget and they want to share his story with loved ones who are facing hard times. Joe was one of the best presenters we’ve ever had at Organic Valley, and he will always be welcome here!"

— Amber Wendorf, Wellness Program Manager at Organic Valley

Organic Valley Talk to 600 employees (200 in person)


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